The Wedding Singer

Last Saturday (May 3, 2014), our choir, The Disciples Choir, was asked/hired to sing in the wedding ceremony of the sister of our former choir member. It took place in the very BEAUTIFUL Shrine of St. Therese, Resorts World Manila. The ceremony was so intimate and you could really feel the love in the air.

See? I told you the church was such a sight! Well, it's better when you see it in person because it really is beautiful. (I'm not exaggerating..) Almost the entire wall was covered with artistic and grand stained glass of Mary and Jesus. The altar's ceiling was also designed with stained glass art of Saints and Popes (I forgot to take pictures of them). And because it's a grand wedding, the church was decorated with beautiful yet simple flower arrangements.

     I bought a dress from Chill a day before the wedding but when I wore it again at home, it didn't fit me well, and that was weird because the size was right. So I just wore my royal blue dress and my glitter 6-inch heels. :)

(Cinderella, So Fab, SM Accessories, Avon Accessories)

Okay, so I love how this look is simple yet elegant and worthy for a wedding. Well, I'm just a wedding singer here so I don't want to look too dressed up for it. It's still best to be not too dressed up but not too under dressed.:)

This was one of the two songs I sang. I was sad because I failed to ask one of my friends to take a video of it so you could watch it but I'll be singing this again on another wedding on Saturday so with that, I won't fail this time.:)

Hair and makeup was done by me. I went for naturally fresh look.:) Sorry for the "not-so-clear" selfies.
I really do love weddings because they let me fantasize and imagine how mine would be. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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    1. Thank you! Feel free to visit my other posts!:)