The Fairy In Me

(H&M shirt, SM Accessories, So Fab)
Photographed by Gen Villanosa

        Since I was a little girl, I've always been so fascinated of fairies. I adore their beauty, enchantment, and their magic. I love how authors write stories with fairies. It just makes every story extra special and magical. Of course, the #1 maker of such stories is Disney. Disney is the escape of every human being whether you are young or just plain young at heart. It brings you to world where you've just visited in your dreams. It brings your imagination to life. You can now see your favorite characters and even play with them.

That's why when we had our annual English Month Parade in school, I get to wear this outfit. Actually, this was supposed to be a commoner outfit from the hit series Game of Thrones. It just so happens that I looked like a fairy princess in it.:)

I always believe that there is a fairy in all of us. We may not have magic but we can still make magic through our hearts.



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5 Things That are Making Me Happy Today

(Top from Forever 21, Shorts from Next, Accessories from SM Accessories, Bag from my cousin, and Shoes from Primadonna)
Photographed by Christelle Inocencio

          So I've been a very busy lady for the past weeks so opening my laptop and updating my blog were a bit out of the picture. I'm so sorry for keeping you hanging and reading other blogs. I know you all missed me so here I am and I'm back!

I made a short list of the things that are Making me Happy Today.

1. Family
     I really love it when our family is complete on a Sunday lunch. It's even happier when my crazy cousins come over and we'll just spend precious time with each other.

2. School
     Yah, I know. School? Really? Yes, school! School has been toxic these days but it keeps me educated and occupied. Plus, I get to spend it with my equally crazy friends!

3. Food
     You can never go wrong with food!

4. Music
     If you know me, you know that music is my first love. It helps me escape the cruel world and forget about anything else. I love to sing so much that when I do it, no matter how tired I am, I still enjoy singing!

5. My Boyfriend
     Need I say more?

          So there you have it! I hope there are also things that make you happy today like mine. :)



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Almost There

(Forever 21, Shopaholic SM Department Store, SM Accessories, Caite Watch, and So Fab!)

          Actually, the first day of my last semester in college was last Monday but I didn't go to school (bad girl)hahahaha. Moving on, it feels so good to finally (almost there) finish school (hopefully). All the sleepless nights, growing eyebags, stressful days, nerve-wrecking finals, and crying wallets will be almost over.:)
          Of course, I will miss every bit of time I've stayed inside the classroom walls and all the teachers who made our journey the worst and the best.
I chose to wear this on my first day of my last sem because I was too lazy to pick something complicated and something simple so I went for the complicatedly simple outfit. This outfit will be nothing without the help of the super comfy and cute flats from So Fab! I bought them last month when they celebrated their 10 Fabulous years of great shoes for every girl, lady, and woman.

          Just a little more push and I'm finally free to live my life in the corporate world!



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The Forgotten Doll: DIY Halloween Makeup Tutorial

          Still no costume for your Halloween party? Well, I got you in this. You don't want to be another divorced zombie, a thirsty vampire or another hopeless mermaid out of the sea, right? In this tutorial, I'm going to teach you transform you face into a new halloween chic with the help of makeup!

Step 1.
     Put a lot of foundation on your face. Pick the lightest color you have. (Now's the time to have that "Happy Foundation Day!" face). Seal it with a lot of white powder. Your everyday baby powder is great.

Step 2.
      Put a Luminizer around your eyes, forehead, and cheeks. I'm using Forever 21 Luminizer. It will make your face whiter and brighter.

Step 3.
     Blend your pink/orange blush on with platinum pink eye shadow and apply it above the crease of your eyes. After that, put a generous amount of black eye shadow on your lids.

Step 4.
     Next, draw the eye lashes on your upper lids and on your eye bags. You may want to draw a thin guide so it'll be neat. You can do this with a pencil eyeliner or a liquid eyeliner for more definition.

Step 5.

      Put foundation and and a nude eye shadow on your lips. Just don't eat 'em! To make the doll lips, put an X on your lips following your cupid's bow. To make it simple, make a heart shape on your upper lip and lower lip (Start with peach, your barbie/Minaj pink lipstick then top it all with little bit of blood red.). Line its outer part with black eyeliner to give emphasis to its shape.

Step 6.
     To make the stitch on both sides of your mouth, draw a thin line with your red lipstick and with a gel liner or a liquid liner, draw stitch marks on top of the "wound". I used Maybelline Gel Liner

Here it is!

You can still rock your Post Halloween Party! Try it now to shake those traditional costumes off.



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