Almost There

(Forever 21, Shopaholic SM Department Store, SM Accessories, Caite Watch, and So Fab!)

          Actually, the first day of my last semester in college was last Monday but I didn't go to school (bad girl)hahahaha. Moving on, it feels so good to finally (almost there) finish school (hopefully). All the sleepless nights, growing eyebags, stressful days, nerve-wrecking finals, and crying wallets will be almost over.:)
          Of course, I will miss every bit of time I've stayed inside the classroom walls and all the teachers who made our journey the worst and the best.
I chose to wear this on my first day of my last sem because I was too lazy to pick something complicated and something simple so I went for the complicatedly simple outfit. This outfit will be nothing without the help of the super comfy and cute flats from So Fab! I bought them last month when they celebrated their 10 Fabulous years of great shoes for every girl, lady, and woman.

          Just a little more push and I'm finally free to live my life in the corporate world!



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