The Forgotten Doll: DIY Halloween Makeup Tutorial

          Still no costume for your Halloween party? Well, I got you in this. You don't want to be another divorced zombie, a thirsty vampire or another hopeless mermaid out of the sea, right? In this tutorial, I'm going to teach you transform you face into a new halloween chic with the help of makeup!

Step 1.
     Put a lot of foundation on your face. Pick the lightest color you have. (Now's the time to have that "Happy Foundation Day!" face). Seal it with a lot of white powder. Your everyday baby powder is great.

Step 2.
      Put a Luminizer around your eyes, forehead, and cheeks. I'm using Forever 21 Luminizer. It will make your face whiter and brighter.

Step 3.
     Blend your pink/orange blush on with platinum pink eye shadow and apply it above the crease of your eyes. After that, put a generous amount of black eye shadow on your lids.

Step 4.
     Next, draw the eye lashes on your upper lids and on your eye bags. You may want to draw a thin guide so it'll be neat. You can do this with a pencil eyeliner or a liquid eyeliner for more definition.

Step 5.

      Put foundation and and a nude eye shadow on your lips. Just don't eat 'em! To make the doll lips, put an X on your lips following your cupid's bow. To make it simple, make a heart shape on your upper lip and lower lip (Start with peach, your barbie/Minaj pink lipstick then top it all with little bit of blood red.). Line its outer part with black eyeliner to give emphasis to its shape.

Step 6.
     To make the stitch on both sides of your mouth, draw a thin line with your red lipstick and with a gel liner or a liquid liner, draw stitch marks on top of the "wound". I used Maybelline Gel Liner

Here it is!

You can still rock your Post Halloween Party! Try it now to shake those traditional costumes off.



Discover the Inner Spooky Doll In You!

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