5 Things That are Making Me Happy Today

(Top from Forever 21, Shorts from Next, Accessories from SM Accessories, Bag from my cousin, and Shoes from Primadonna)
Photographed by Christelle Inocencio

          So I've been a very busy lady for the past weeks so opening my laptop and updating my blog were a bit out of the picture. I'm so sorry for keeping you hanging and reading other blogs. I know you all missed me so here I am and I'm back!

I made a short list of the things that are Making me Happy Today.

1. Family
     I really love it when our family is complete on a Sunday lunch. It's even happier when my crazy cousins come over and we'll just spend precious time with each other.

2. School
     Yah, I know. School? Really? Yes, school! School has been toxic these days but it keeps me educated and occupied. Plus, I get to spend it with my equally crazy friends!

3. Food
     You can never go wrong with food!

4. Music
     If you know me, you know that music is my first love. It helps me escape the cruel world and forget about anything else. I love to sing so much that when I do it, no matter how tired I am, I still enjoy singing!

5. My Boyfriend
     Need I say more?

          So there you have it! I hope there are also things that make you happy today like mine. :)



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