I am a Super SM Woman

Top and Necklace from Forever 21, Sheer pants from Coco Cabana, Purse from Bvlgari!!! , and Shoes from So Fab
Photographed by Christelle Inocencio

          This was my simple yet elegant ensemble for PhFW SM Woman Runway Reveal last night held in SMX Convention Center. It was a celebration of fashion and glamour so I've decided to put these pieces together to create something classy and be a "head-turner" of the night. Well, it did say on the invitation to DRESS APPROPRIATELY which meant Semi Formal for the big event.
I really love the combination of Blue on Black or vice-versa. It brings out the sophistication every SM Woman needs to conquer the night. The top from F21 is very comfy as it hugs my upper body and gives space to flaunt their dazzling necklace piece. Well, the pants is from Coco Cabana which is supposed to be displayed on the beach. But while I was putting on some pieces from my closet, I noticed that the pants would express a lot without showing a lot. The purse is from none other than Bvlgari, from my cousin who took my photos in this entry. Well, hair and makeup, of course, by Me!:)

To feel super, you should always dress beautifully but not too much. Just always dress according to the occasion and always be appropriate. Well, I believe that as long as you are confident in the way you look, and wearing that smile, you already are super and beautiful. So Shop now at the SM Woman collection and be a Super SM Woman!

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Philippine Fashion Week's SM Woman Runway Reveal

All the designs on the runway were displayed and ready for shopping!

        One of the most awaited fashion events of the year has finally started. My cousin/sister from another/TWIN and I were invited to attend and witness this year's SM Woman's new collection. In this fashion show, all of their newest clothes and designs were revealed and opened for your shopping galore. Everybody was excited to see what SM Woman has to offer their fashionista customers. The show was a variety of mix and match of colors, prints, and fabrics. I loved how they paired the clothes and made new fashion statements.

Yah, she's just jealous.hahahahaha

Well, as you can see, I was accompanied by my cousin and my honey. I know, were a bit crazy in these photos but that's just who we are and were not afraid to show that even in a place like this.:)
I feel awed. It's really amazing when the one you love is always with you and supports you in all your endeavors.:)

Catch my next blog entry where I'll reveal the brands I'm wearing. I can just say that tonight, I am an SM Woman.

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Color Blocking: Pink and Blue

Lovin' my sunnies from F21

(Forever 21, Parisian, SM Accessories)
Photographed by Jarwyn Gabana

          Color Blocking is getting famous in the fashion world. Well for starters, Color Blocking is pairing 2 or more contrasting colors and turning them into something wonderful and worthy for the eyes.

For this look, I choose to pair pink and blue with my yellow pumps. It's like femininity and masculinity meets candy.:)
These colors are still perfect for the summer because they're bright, fresh, and YOUNG for the eyes.

Tips for a simple Color Blocking Outfit.

..Choose colors that'll still look well together.
..Choose colors that'll suite your skin color. (Please)
..Wear it. Don't let it Wear you.

Parisian Pumps
Crazy pimple ruining it all!:)))

So try it yourself! Mix and Match the colors of summer. Have fun, smile, and above all, BE CONFIDENT.
Never try too hard for something, okay?:)

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A Day In Baluarte

Baluarte, Ilocos Sur is one of the best spots in the province. This place is under Mr. Chavit Singson, a very powerful man in the province.

The place is like an open zoo where some animals can wander freely. Well, some dangerous and fragile ones are kept behind the cages. It sure is an amazing experience roaming around this huge piece of land.

A bit scared that it would tear my earring off of my ear!hahahaha
This ostrich stopped on the middle of the road just so we can take pictures. So cute and kind of yah!
This is so TRUE!
Get that summer glow even without the help of the beach!

I love walking under the sun in summer with friends because it's the only time I'm not afraid to be tan. Well, almost everyone's tan in summer!:) This place sure is a must-visit place to mingle and play with animals plus, you get to bond with your family and friends in an awesome way!

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