A Day In Baluarte

Baluarte, Ilocos Sur is one of the best spots in the province. This place is under Mr. Chavit Singson, a very powerful man in the province.

The place is like an open zoo where some animals can wander freely. Well, some dangerous and fragile ones are kept behind the cages. It sure is an amazing experience roaming around this huge piece of land.

A bit scared that it would tear my earring off of my ear!hahahaha
This ostrich stopped on the middle of the road just so we can take pictures. So cute and kind of yah!
This is so TRUE!
Get that summer glow even without the help of the beach!

I love walking under the sun in summer with friends because it's the only time I'm not afraid to be tan. Well, almost everyone's tan in summer!:) This place sure is a must-visit place to mingle and play with animals plus, you get to bond with your family and friends in an awesome way!

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