My Mrs. Fashionista

(Primadonna and Forever 21)
Photographed by ME

     Hi! I want you all to meet Mrs. Fashionista, my Mommy! I'm featuring her in my blog because I want to share how awesome, Fabulous, beautiful, and Fashionista my is. Oh, and also for Mother's Day. Well, I know mother's day was yesterday but I wasn't able to make this because I only came home this morning from an out of town trip. Going back to my mommy, she has this cool fashion sense. She can be as simple as possible like wearing shirt and jeans only, elegant as a madame, and as young like a teen. In this blog entry, she's wearing a colorful crazy print dress which she matched with her wedges from Primadonna and earrings from Forever 21.

Well, now you know where I got my love for fashion. I got it from my beautiful, gorgeous, and FABULOUS Mommy!

           It's not too late to greet her! Greet your mom a Happy Mother's Day because everyday should be their day!:)

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