Black Is Never Boring

     Ever thought of wearing all black? Did you hesitate? Well, you could still wear black in a fun, risk-free way!

Try choosing a pretty printed top that goes well with your black skater skirt.

Too plain, right? You can play with this look by adding your favorite accessories.

Try the Bruno Mars hat

Shine Bright like a Diamond with your studded watch!

Accessories give accent and add a playful look for your style. 
Well, my look will not be complete without the shoes!
   Try wearing something that will pop up and make you stand out from the crowd. Choose to wear your glittery flat shoes. They do not only complete your look but they'll also shine like you!

Glitterfy your day!
This is the complete look!

Welcome everyone!

I'm Your Bad Teacher for the day!

Perfect for school:)

         This marriage of things do not only look chic. This is also perfect and comfy for school.
Come on... Black doesn't have to be worn only on formal events. Black could be worn anytime and anywhere at the right time, and right mix n match.
Black Is Never Boring! Have fun and play with different styles that suite your preference.

Share your thoughts and styles! Wow the world with your sense of taste.
And above all, Be Fab!
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Straight Hair and A Curve on my Face

     I just had my hair straightened and it feels great! I'm receiving good feedback from my family and friends. They say that it looks good on me and I look great with it.

With good hair, I can work well with myself and my fashion sense.

I'm not ashamed to smile this big!
I like my hair long and strong so I've decided not to cut it anymore. Maybe a few trims would do it better but I like it with this length.

     So how do you like my new look?
You can also change your ways by changing your look and try different styles that match your personality. You can't have only one style for your hair all the time. Shake things up a bit, play, and enjoy!

Healthier hair, Happier You!
Be Fab!

New Hair, New Me!

     I naturally have wavy hair since I was little.
       I always have a hard time with it 'coz it would have its own life and just fly anywhere. So I've decided to resolve the problem and find a solution.

     I had my hair rebonded and it felt great!
First, the guy/gal washed my hair then put the treatment on my hair.

 The treatment used on my hair was herbal so it really didn't hurt my scalp unlike the previous treatment I had which gave a burning feeling on my head.

My hair was in it for an hour then after washing it, it was dried and ironed.

 After that, the hair color was put. I chose Intense Golden Blonde for my hair so that it'll pop up anywhere I go.
My hair was soaked in it for like 45-50 minutes to ensure maximum color.

My hair was washed, blow dried and flat ironed after that. The whole process took 5 hours.  Yah, I know it was long and tiring but it surely was worth the wait!

The final look will be featured on my next entry so watch out for it!

Cool In School

Bored at school? Well, I was. So I thought of turning things around and dress up. Another reason for my dressing up was because it was our 46th monthsary with my man.
     I decided to be simple yet fashionable for school.

     The floral top worked best with the brown pants and black flats. This look was not just fashionable but it's also comfy for school.

     I also braided my hair for an added soft touch for my look. Well, you can't always have one style for your hair. You need to play with it and find what works best with your style for the day.

     How do you look when going to school or work? Feel free to share it with me and everyone else!
And always remember to Be Fab in anywhere you go 'coz you'll never know who you'll bump into. It may be your old friend, frienemy, or your soulmate!:)
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      Be Fab, Ladies!


That Yellow Thing I Call Love

        My Saturday at school was full of colors. After a successful Public Communication presentation, it was time for a break and a Time for Fashion.

        I'm wearing Parisian Yellow pumps which I bought last Christmas break. It was really LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I was with my sister when I saw them and I told my sister that this is the one.

       I paired my shoes with a colorful striped top and a black fitted skirt. I chose to wear bright yellow shoes just so my outfit won't look too formal or too corporate. By doing this, you'd be younger and happy looking!

       The red wall also made everything pop up! I just said that for an added spice.

        So how would you wear and pair your bright colored shoes? Tell me about it by taking a photo, put a comment, or tag me on IG! @sharieemariee
Enjoy and thank you for visiting!:)


Welcome The Year With Style

        2013 has been a wonderful year for me. It brought me good luck in all my endeavors. My studies were at their best; Dean's List, President's List and a Debater. 2013 also gave me the opportunity to shine more in my singing. I was invited to be a part of Globe Voices at Work, Globe Telecom's official chorale group. That privilege opened avenues to even greater opportunities for me in the future.

Voices In Harmony 3

       Those were only some highlights of where 2013 situated me. But all these, I wouldn't have done it without style.
My first entry for this year would be about welcoming the year with style.

       In the past few years, I've been passive in my sense of style. If I'd be going out with a few friends, I'd just open the closet, put on some decent clothes and look normal. Well, maybe I was like that before 'cause of my very young age.

I will be turning 20 this year so I want to turn the notch and set the bar higher. 

As long as you can carry, Sophistication can be shown anywhere.

 I believe that this year will open more doors of greater and bolder opportunities for me so I choose to Welcome The Year With Style.