22 Fun Facts About ME

Top from Wednesdays  Shoes from So Fab Lippie from Kiss Proof #12
Photographed by Reena Shane Villa

                    HELLO! I'm now officially 22 and I guess I'm happy?haha Silly me. Well, what should I share to you today? As a tribute to my 22nd Birthday, I'm going to share to you 22 Fun Facts about ME.

1.       My Birthday is on March 4.

2.       I’ve been in Fairview for as long as I can remember.

3.       I stopped using ketchup in all I eat when I was 20, I think.

4.       I love to sing.

5.       I love the sky, the stars, the moon, the sun, the clouds, meteors, planets, everything about the universe! I would almost cry whenever I look at them

6.       I am a Soprano 1.

7.       I studied in one private school from nursery until I graduated from high school.

8.       I love to join all the contests in our school. Declamation, oratorical, storytelling, pageants, songwriting, volleyball varsity team, anything about art, dancing, singing, etc. A LOT, I know.

9.       It really was a total shock for me when I transferred to a State U.

10.   I finished Bachelor of Arts in English.

11.   I am a PUPian.

12.   I passed UPCAT but I was too afraid to study there.

13.   I know I’m crazy for not going to UP.

14.   I want to become a lawyer someday.

15.   My first choice course in the schools I applied college for is Political Science. My second choice is either Economics or English.

16.   I always wanted to become a theater actress.

17.   I auditioned for HK Disneyland theater actress when I was 19. I almost got through but the “judge” said that I was too young to live in Hong Kong by myself. So that’s that.

18.   I love all the songs in Les Miserables.

19.   I am already taken and proud.

20.   I own about more or less 40 pairs of shoes. 2/3 of them are Sky High Heels.

21.   I am nice. All you have to do is to just talk to me or approach me. I won’t bite.

22.   I am young, wild, and free!

                    By the way, I love the color of my top. It's so cool-feeling and it makes my skin even brighter. You should also try hues of this color and see how it goes on you. Another is my lippie from Kiss Proof. I just Love how it pairs up to my outfit and how it pops out! And we shall never forget the shoes. You know what I mean. :)
I just love this look. It speaks out grown up but still playful at 22.

I hope you learned something about me. I've already stated 22 Facts about myself so I guess those summed up pretty much who I am and what I do.

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