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(Artwork, Forever 21, Caite Watch, and Parisian)
Photographed by Christelle Ira Inocencio

          Since I was a kid, I've always dreamed of becoming a Princess one day. I joined pageants and contests (literally a lot) to uplift my confidence, self-esteem, and improve my talent. But when I grew up (today), I've realized that I wasn't becoming a Princess. I was becoming a Queen.(Yeah!)
Well, if you know me well enough or you're one of my high school and college classmates, you know me as an outgoing and outspoken person. And most of the time, not very "most" of it, I am a little 3!tchy.hahahaha
That's why my college friends call me the QUEEN 3!tch! So I guess the shirt's perfect on me!hahaha

Well, enough of that.:)

          My blog has been up and running since January 2014. With that, I've been invited to a lot of events already, met crazy and awesome people, received gifts, experienced the unexpected, exposed to the fashion world, and gained a lot of readers and followers. Well, I think now is the time to give back and share my blessings to all my Fabulous and Fashionista readers!

 I'll be giving away Forever 21 clothes and Figaro GCs. And if I'll be very happy to see your entries, I'll be giving away World of Fun GCs too!(so we can all have fun!) So what are you waiting for? Mechanics are on the picture below. Have fun and Good Luck!

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My Kind of 13th

Show off that Smile

(Forever 21 Sunnies and Blueprint Nail Polish, Rings from Unisilver and Avon Accessories, SM Accessories, and top from Unicorn_Ph)
Photographed by Jarwyn Gabana

        Have you ever felt so excited about something that you just couldn't sleep waiting for it? Well, I always have that feeling every once a month. <3

Okay, so to free your minds of what I am saying in here, my boyfriend and I celebrated our Monthsary yesterday. It's our 53rd month and who wouldn't want to celebrate that?! Well, you can call me cheesy or anything but I still consider that one day a special day. Some might say that couples who celebrate their monthsaries are the ones who won't make it to their anniversaries. Well, that's just what bitter people say. Peace!:)))

I chose to wear this outfit because I wanted to make my boyfriend smile and say that he's lucky to have me.:) (another cheesy one there..) You only get to dress up for some special occasions so make an effort for it. I picked black and white matched with pearl accessories to keep it casually elegant. Casual + Sophistication = Simple Chic yet Fabulous. Plus, this outfit is perfect for the weather we are having: constantly changing from sunny to rainy. It's an off shoulder top with long sleeves tucked in a black denim shorts partnered with black and silver flats. What's more lovelier than that? Oh wait.. It's the debut blog post of my new hair color. It's a Light Golden Blonde if you also want yours to be like this.:)
Yah, I know that thought in your head. Yes, you can wear more than 2 rings but don't overdo it. Remember, less is more. If you're going for a quick yet stylish to-go outfit, choose something like this for you to still look presentable and neat. Just add a minimal amount of peach lipstick and thin liquid eyeliner, and you're ready to go for that date!

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Make him remember that Special day.


Oh, Mr. Golden Sun Is Out!

I'm gonna miss my looooong and a bit dark hair. Stay tuned for my new look!:)
A Fab shot
I don't mind the hair cover. Just remember to be Fab even the odds are not in your favor.

(Banana Republic, Forever 21, Caite Watch)
Photographed by my Fab cousin, Christelle Ira Inocencio

          After a whole week of gray clouds and sobbing skies, Mr. Sun is out and ready to play with us again. Well actually I prefer the cold weather and rainy heaven to the hot feeling we have right now.:) But I have no choice, right? Deal with it, Sha!:)))
          This was the outfit I chose to wear to a short meeting with my cousin, friends, and my honey. Actually, it should've been a meeting but they had other plans. Well, you know what that means.:)

I'm very happy in these shots (obviously...) (I love jump shots, btw) because of all the blessings, school pressure (should I be happy about that?hahaha), love of the people around me, and the bright future ahead of me.

          We should always be happy with whatever we have, not have, and will have because we'll never know what God will be blessing us tomorrow. Always smile, keep your chin up, and make your heels HIGHER than anyone else!:)

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