TheSharmaineMarie: Giveaway Contest

(Artwork, Forever 21, Caite Watch, and Parisian)
Photographed by Christelle Ira Inocencio

          Since I was a kid, I've always dreamed of becoming a Princess one day. I joined pageants and contests (literally a lot) to uplift my confidence, self-esteem, and improve my talent. But when I grew up (today), I've realized that I wasn't becoming a Princess. I was becoming a Queen.(Yeah!)
Well, if you know me well enough or you're one of my high school and college classmates, you know me as an outgoing and outspoken person. And most of the time, not very "most" of it, I am a little 3!tchy.hahahaha
That's why my college friends call me the QUEEN 3!tch! So I guess the shirt's perfect on me!hahaha

Well, enough of that.:)

          My blog has been up and running since January 2014. With that, I've been invited to a lot of events already, met crazy and awesome people, received gifts, experienced the unexpected, exposed to the fashion world, and gained a lot of readers and followers. Well, I think now is the time to give back and share my blessings to all my Fabulous and Fashionista readers!

 I'll be giving away Forever 21 clothes and Figaro GCs. And if I'll be very happy to see your entries, I'll be giving away World of Fun GCs too!(so we can all have fun!) So what are you waiting for? Mechanics are on the picture below. Have fun and Good Luck!

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