My Kind of 13th

Show off that Smile

(Forever 21 Sunnies and Blueprint Nail Polish, Rings from Unisilver and Avon Accessories, SM Accessories, and top from Unicorn_Ph)
Photographed by Jarwyn Gabana

        Have you ever felt so excited about something that you just couldn't sleep waiting for it? Well, I always have that feeling every once a month. <3

Okay, so to free your minds of what I am saying in here, my boyfriend and I celebrated our Monthsary yesterday. It's our 53rd month and who wouldn't want to celebrate that?! Well, you can call me cheesy or anything but I still consider that one day a special day. Some might say that couples who celebrate their monthsaries are the ones who won't make it to their anniversaries. Well, that's just what bitter people say. Peace!:)))

I chose to wear this outfit because I wanted to make my boyfriend smile and say that he's lucky to have me.:) (another cheesy one there..) You only get to dress up for some special occasions so make an effort for it. I picked black and white matched with pearl accessories to keep it casually elegant. Casual + Sophistication = Simple Chic yet Fabulous. Plus, this outfit is perfect for the weather we are having: constantly changing from sunny to rainy. It's an off shoulder top with long sleeves tucked in a black denim shorts partnered with black and silver flats. What's more lovelier than that? Oh wait.. It's the debut blog post of my new hair color. It's a Light Golden Blonde if you also want yours to be like this.:)
Yah, I know that thought in your head. Yes, you can wear more than 2 rings but don't overdo it. Remember, less is more. If you're going for a quick yet stylish to-go outfit, choose something like this for you to still look presentable and neat. Just add a minimal amount of peach lipstick and thin liquid eyeliner, and you're ready to go for that date!

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Be Fab on Your Date!
Make him remember that Special day.

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