Back to the City

( Just G., So Fab, Folded and Hung, Caite Watch, Vente, and SM Accessories)
Photographed by Jarwyn Gabana

This is the outfit I wore on our last day in Baguio City. Well, we're headed back to Manila where the temperature is really a killer so I went back to the normal hot city clothes.

I've had one of the best vacations because I've spent it with my family and my honey. Unwinding and relaxing ourselves was very important for we really had a hard time before this getaway especially me. I had measles on my 20th birthday and it lasted for 2 weeks. I can say that it was the worst sickness I've ever had. A week later that, I caught Chicken pox a week before this trip. Lucky, right? Well, I really find myself lucky because it healed 2 days before we leave. Thanks to the expensive medicines the doctor recommended. That's why you hardly see any super visible spots or marks! This trip was a celebration of family, birthdays, love, and good memories which we'll keep forever.

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Violets are Violet: Queen Elsa Makeup Tutorial

I still can't get over Frozen so I made an eye makeup tutorial inspired by Queen Elsa. I hope you'll be able to recreate this look. Just follow the easy steps and after that, sing Let It Go!:)))

Clean your face and don't let any hair disturb your work. Put liquid foundation on your face, even it out, and seal it with powder.

Put Eyelid Primer on your lids (of course) so that the eyeshadow won't be mushy and all. I use Elf Cosmetic's Primer.

Put a good dose of nude or a base color on your lids. (I swear this is nude.:D) I use Fashion 21's Single Eyeshadow #6.

Apply brown eyeshadow on the crease of the eyes to add warmth on the look. I use Mac Cosmetics Neutral Palette.

Apply Violet eyeshadow on the lids but just exactly below the crease of the eye. If you want a darker shade..

Tip: Dip your brush in water and slightly wet the eyeshadow.

This is what it'll look like when water is used.

 Put black eyeshadow on the side of your eyes all the way to the top of the crease. I use Fashion 21's Single Eyeshadow.

Well, I want to go darker so put more of Mac Cosmetics Matte Black.

Well, the look is almost done.

To put more definition to the eyes, apply a thick eyeliner and mascara on the upper and lower lashes. Oh, also put black and violet eyeshadow on the lower lids and on the waterline. I use Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 01 Black. Apply white eyeshadow below the brows to make the look pop up and add a shimmer white on the tear-y part of the eye.

Well, this is the finished product! (Just don't mind my awful brows! I failed to fix 'em.)

Let It Go!
I hope you find this tutorial informative and entertaining. Try it yourself and discover the inner Elsa in you!

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Working Black and White

     The world is a place full of the beautiful marriage of colors. Anywhere we look, our eyes are satisfied with the different hues nature brings.  Whenever we are sad or resentful, we just find a spot wherein our eyes could bask and relax. That's the healing power of colors. But we can't always be in the world of wonder, right? We can still choose to stay in the neutral side. That's what I call Black and White.

(SM Accessories, So Fab, Ray Ban, Avon, and Elf Cosmetics)
Styled by Me and Photographed by Jarwyn Gabana

Okay, so this look was inspired by.. I don't know.hahaha
I just thought of putting them together. I believe the sheer top was already featured in my blog last month but who cares?:) I wore this sequins mini skirt in the GSCS Alumni Battle of the Bands last year where my band and I competed.

     Being neutral at some times is good for you won't get in trouble. You can listen to both of them but you won't take sides. Being neutral in a colorful world is also a good thing for you'll Stand Out above the rest.

Just a tip, if you have great legs, don't hide them under your pants or long skirts! You're blessed to have them so flaunt them but not too much or people will get sick of it.hahaha JUST KIDDING!:)))

This outfit is also great for office days because of its "a bit" corporate look. Wow your officemates every once in a while and turn your boss' hot head a notch down when he sees you like this! You don't have to look haggard or the typical "office person" when going to work. Be neutral looking with Black and White!

Well, you can't be stunning without wearing a smile. Smile so the whole will think you're up to something or you know something they don't. To complete your neutral look, wear CONFIDENCE! Not everyone can nail a neutral outfit but by wearing a smile and confidence, you can go the extra mile!:)

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