Baguio Fever

             The summer heat really is a pain in the human soul, right? Even when you're not moving or not doing anything, sweat runs down your skin and it is irritating sometimes. Well, I've figured out a way to beat the summer heat!
             I went to Baguio City with my family last April 4-7 to spend our family getaway and celebrate my mom's birthday.

Okay, I know that Baguio is a very cold place to wear shorts but come on.. You don't have to wear a scarf, a jacket and pants. I went there to experience the cold weather not to feel warm again.:)

 I chose this combination because it's very comfy yet stylish. I could move around and enjoy the trip without being uncomfortable or conscious about myself.

My knitted top from GH

My shoes are from So Fab, Bracelets from SM Accessories, and my new Mickey Mouse watch from Caite Watch.

My aviator glasses from SM Accessories Summer Collection

I'm using Revlon Moisture Stay Lipstick in Red because it stays for hours without re-applying again.

Having fun under the Baguio Sun!

So this is my whole look for my first day in Baguio!
Beat the summer heat with style.

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