You Paint my Dull World

     There's that one person in your life that makes you go turn in circles, blushes your cheeks, and makes you feel a feeling of strong or constant affection, or commonly known as Love. We all have this special someone in our lives. Well, it may not be in a romantic way but the feeling is there. There's always someone who'll tell you it's okay to fail, it's okay to try but never quit to try. I know because I have one just like that and I'm very lucky to have him.These kinds of people are for keeps and will always hold a place in our hearts. This blog post is about how someone painted my "Once Dull World".

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     My boyfriend is the one taking these pictures. He's my "Unofficial Photographer".:) He takes great pictures, right?

It's always a blessing to have someone who makes you smile even in the simplest things. That feeling when you know he'll be with you every step of the way; in times of victory and defeat. A simple act of Love can surely paint your dull world.

Yes, there's that time when I use to live life alone (you know what I mean). It was okay but it was sad for I had no one to share my stories of victories, problems, and just about how my day had been.

But someone came and rescued me from being ALONE. He put this smile on my face and made it all better!

I really do believe that Love is just a word until some gives you its true meaning.

I really love it when my boyfriend is the one taking pictures of me for my blog because it only shows how supportive he is in every step of the way I take and he will take it with me. That's what makes my life worth living for he continuously paints my "Once Dull World".:) His name is Jarwyn J. Gabana and happy and proud to call him MINE.

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Be Fab!

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