The Prom Queen: Simple Makeup Tutorial

            My previous post was about how I turned my cousin's hair into a teen queen dream-y style in easy steps. Now, in this blog entry, I will teach and show you how to glam up and enhance your beauty through a simple and minimal makeup. You can try this combination or you can experiment with your favorite colors.


Prepare your makeup and arranged them into something like this. Put everything in order so that you can see all of them.

First thing is to clean your face with soap and water but in this case, her hair's already done so wet ones or wipes is fine.
Put a small amount of liquid foundation under the eyes, the chin, forehead, nose, and neck. The foundation should match your skin tone or else people will greet you a "Happy Foundation Day!" Just kidding.:) Smudge and even out the foundation. Put a light coat of powder after the foundation has been dried.

For the eyes, put a small amount of eyelid primer. 3 spots of it would do.

I'm using Elf Eyelid Primer. Actually, this is the only brand of primer I use because it's very easy to work with and handles the eye shadow well.

.Eye Shadow

Use brushes that are handy and not painful to the skin. I'm using Paganini 5-set Makeup Brush Collection from Rustan's.

In this eye shadow, I'm using MAC Cosmetics 25 Colors Eye Shadow in Metallic (not matte).

Here are easy steps to achieve a natural and light eye shadow.

1. Put a base color on the eyelids. I'm using Mac in Neutral color but any brand would do just fine.
2. Apply a good amount of Peach or light Orange color on the whole lids.
3. Apply a Pink metallic color on half of the lids near the nose part.
4. Put a small amount of Magenta or metallic Dark Violet on the crease of the eyes.

If you want to highlight more, add a darker color to the end of the eyes moving up to the crease. I'm using Mac Black Matte and Metallic.

This is what it'll look like. Not too flattering, right? This is where your blending brush enters the scene. Blend the colors together but only in light strokes so that you won't erase them. To add definition, apply a thick eyeliner. I'm using Elf's Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. It's better to use waterproof because you wouldn't want to end up looking like a ghost when you perspire.:)

Apply a light color or white under the eyebrows just to highlight the eyes. This will also make your eyes bright.

When everything's well blended and the liner added, this is what it'll look like.You can put a longer liner wing or just like this, it's up to you.

Put thick and long false eyelashes and mascara to add  dramatic doll-like effect to the eyes.

For the cheeks, I'm using Fashion 21 Fine Blush Powder Mineral Based #7. This isn't pink or red. It's a peachy-orange color. I recommend this to people with lighter skin tones because it's very natural looking.

For the lips, use a lighter shade or something that's related to the eye color. She's using Maybelline's Pink lipstick.

 So here's our very own Prom Queen!

I look so wasted when put beside her.hahaha

You can try this tutorial in any occasion and look like a queen in your own way!
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Be Fab!

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