The Prom Queen: Hair Styling Tutorial

        Okay, I know that the Prom season's a month over but this blog entry will surely help you in other special occasions.
I'm a freelance makeup and hair stylist. Whenever someone needs a helping hand, the Glam Fairy is always ready to spread beauty and glam!

I was asked to glam up my beautiful Kim Chiu/cousin, Christine, for her Senior Prom Night and of course I was thrilled and excited! The pictures below will tell you how I made her a Queen for a night.

First, divide the hair into manageable sections so it would be easy for you to curl her hair. Using big clips or what I call ShockShock will be very useful in this step.

When you're done dividing the hair, it's time to curl!

When working in a time-pressured basis, it's always best to work with high-powered materials like this curling iron which is from my best friend, Kim. In this hairstyle, I prefer to use a 1 inch thick iron but it depends on what you prefer.

It's better to use an iron with this so you can control the temperature of it. You wouldn't be wanting to burn the hair of your client.

This is just an added ingredient but is equal in importance. Wearing a thick glove will protect your hand from the intense heat of the iron and with this, you can also touch the hot hair without burning your hand.

Get a manageable amount of hair, not too thick or else it won't curl that much, and wrap it around the iron. Don't forget to plug it first and turning the switch to your desired temperature.

I'm wearing this floral crown to keep my hair away from my face so that I can see clearly. It also adds cuteness, right?:)

By the way, ask your client to wear a robe like this or clothes which she can take off easily after.

Put a good amount of hair spray on each curl to ensure that it would retain it's shape. I'd recommend an Extra Hold Hair Spray from HBC.

This is what it'll look like after you've curled everything. Next is to prepare a lot of bobby pins or hair pins.

Start with hairs on the side. Twist 1-2 curls of hair then make its way to the back of the head then pin. Repeat this with other curls if desired. The next step is fun.

Get a curl of hair then shape it into a little donut or into a circle then pin them side by side or on top of each other.

Repeat this process until half of the curls are pinned to their place.

To create a half do or side sweep, leave some curls on the side and just let them go.:)

If you like and up do, just pin all the curls.

To make the hair more attracting, put hair accessories that sparkle and shine like these. I bought these from Aksesoriz, SM Fairvew. They're about P36/pc depending on the size and design.
Place them on the curls and don't forget to secure them so they won't fall.

After placing the pins, put a good dose of hairspray to secure everything. This will also make the look clean.

This is what it'll look like from the back.

See? It's very easy to have this look. No fancy hair flipping. Just follow these simple steps then you're on you're way! Watch out for the Make Up Tutorial

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