Dress Down, Shoes Up!

Hi! Today is the last day of my birthday month so I guess it's the best time to post my second look for my birthday photoshoot.

This look is very light yet charming. ( I hope.:D ) This is also a great way to express your inner summer diva this hot season!

Don't hide your face with your hair. Let it show, Be Proud!

Smile with nature.

Let your face show how happy you are!
Parisian Midori by Rajo Laurel

Sit with Confidence!

This sheer green floral dress is from my Fab cousin, Ira. I don't know where she got it coz I forgot to ask her. I love how this dress is comfy for the summer season yet chic and elegant at the same time for some other occasions. The dress is translucent in the mid area up to the back so it adds a playful spice to it. It also is short, just right to flaunt those sexy flawless legs.
I thought only cute flats will be okay with this dress but when I saw my Parisian Midori Ankle strap heels by Rajo Laure, it's Perfect!
But you could still pair any of your favorite flats with this kind of dress. Accessorize it with your fave SM Accessories!
For your makeup, like I always say, a little for the daylight goes a long way! You don't need so very, very, very (too much intensifiers?) much makeup to hide your true face. Makeup was made to enhance not to hide your beauty. Don't try to hard!:)
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Be Fab!

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