The Color of the Year

This post was supposed to be published before my birthday but there were complications so I wasn't able to update my blog.

So moving on, this post is about my last days of being a teenager and how I worked the color of the year.

     I'm wearing Crissa Jeans hanging top. I love this top not only because it's from my uber and super sister from another mother, Ira, but it's because it's very comfy and it's the color of the year.

 I paired this cute top with my pastel shorts from Arizona Jean Co. It's the perfect combination for the upcoming summer because the colors are light and vibrant.

Well, any look wouldn't be complete without the shoes. I chose to wear SM Solemate's ballet flats with this outfit. I thought the look would be cuter with the shoes because its color is neutral and subtle, and would go well with the vibrant colors.

I had fun with the outfit and wore colorful accessories from the Vente Store. Their products were very cheap but they're all in good shape and good style. Well, it's not in the brand of the clothes you wear but it's about how your wear 'em. I also got the bracelets from SM Accessories.

So, this is the whole outfit!:)

How would you wear the color of the year? All you gotta do is to play with it and have fun doing it! Another, SMILE! Let the world see your bright face smiling to everyone.
Above all, BE FAB!
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