Movies to Watch...Again

 So I've been a not-so busy person for almost a week I think. Well, my schedule was filled with meetings, school, orientations, photoshoots, more thesis, and hang outs but still, I don't consider myself busy. I don't know. Maybe when you're enjoying what you do, everything seems to be easy and on the right place. One of the things I do to relieve stress and relax my nerves,  aside from shopping and eating, I watch my favorite movies while sitting on our couch with a bag of chips on my hands, lights turned off, and a big tv in front of me.

Here's my list of Movies to Watch...Again
  • Harry Potter 1-7 (I worship and adore HP!!!!!)
  • Just Go With It
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Beauty and the Beast (Because I think I am a Disney princess trapped in a human body)
  • Bewitched (2005)
  • Evita Peron
  • Patch Adams
  • Tangled (I've watched it a gazillion times already!)
  • Iron Man
  • Twilight Saga: The Breaking Dawn
  • Practical Magic

(Jumpsuit from Forever 21, Shoes from So Fab, Makeup from Elf Cosmetics, and Accessories from SM Accessories)
Photographed by Jarwyn Gabana

I know it's a long list but I really do recommend that you watch these movies! Please! And I hope you'll enjoy all of them.

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Feel The Vibe

This was the outfit I chose to wear at the Lenovo Lauch and Forever 21 Fashion Show (Previously posted).
I was a few minutes late because I came there from school (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) and that was like a million kilometers away from SM Mall of Asia. Well, I still managed to arrive there before the show had started.

I chose to wear this because it's very age appropriate and it suited my mood that day which was "I'm Ready". Well, also, it's okay to be worn in school if you're so fed up with wearing your boring uniform. Peace!:) You know, actually, I wore my top backwards (accidentally because I was already very late for school). But still, it's not that obvious. It actually gave the top a whole new feel.:)))

(Forever 21, Greenhills, Avon, and So Fab)

Eyeliner and a Pink Lipstick will do the trick for that tired face.:)

Black and Gold for simple Elegance

In everywhere you go, be sure to always look like a lady and not a girl or an old woman. Remember, class is in all of us. We just have to know how to wear it and show it even in the simplest clothes we have. It's not always about the brand but it's about how we carry the brand.:)

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Lenovo Mobile PH S850 and A8 Launch and Forever 21 Fashion Show

          Last July19, I was invited to be one of the VIP Guests for Lenovo's Big Reveal and Forever 21's Hip fashion show held at the SM Mall Of Asia Atrium. The whole event was a big success. There were astounding music performances from the band Climax, exquisite cocktails, Fabulously chic clothes from Forever 21, giveaways, and A Big Raffle Draw from Lenovo.

         The event was created to reveal and launch the newest Lenovo gadgets which are the S850 and A8 Tablet.

Guests were entertained by the band Climax.

The whole event was hosted by the lovely Joyce Pring and the gorgeous KC Montero

Lenovo S850 Phone and A8 Tablet, and Forever 21's Fab clothes modeled by the genetically gifted persons!:)))
I got my own freebie!:)
Lenovo S850 Smart Phone
Lenovo A8 Tablet
My #1 Supporter and Fan, my honey!<3
With Mr. KC Montero
Selfie with the ever fabulous, Joyce Pring!
Announcement of Raffle winners of S850 and A8 Tablet

And there you have it!
If you're planning to buy a new phone or tablet, Lenovo's Newest creations will surely be the one to wow you and let you experience it all at affordable and reasonable prices! So why wait?!

Grab one now and post your latest OOTD with the Hashtag #LenovoForever #FeeltheVibe #Forthosewhodo and don't forget to tag +lenovomobileph to win GCs from Forever 21!

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Okay, so after 50 golden years, my blog is up and running again! I know you missed me and I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for my updates. Today, I'm giving you a bonus! Aside from showing you my outfit, I'm telling you the Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Me.

Actually, this dress was my mom's gift to me 7 years ago. It still fits me well! For the record, I was still sexy that time.:) Really!
Shoes from Parisian and Accessories from SM Accessories.

1. I eat sinigang, adobo, mongo, afritada, etc. with ketchup.

2. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan!

3. I sleep with 11 pillows.
(studies show that a person who sleeps with a lot of pillows is afraid to be alone.)

4. I love reading novels.
(Mitch Albom, John Green, Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling..)

5. I study with the TV, wifi, and gadgets on.
(I get sleepy when it's too quiet.)

6. I'm a Dean's and President's Lister.
(Yah, I know it's not that obvious.:) )

7. I am very very very very much obssessed with the Kardashians! Especially the lovely KIM!!! OMG!!!

8. My penmanship depends on my mood, the ballpen, and the paper.:)

9. I love Adam Sandler movies!

10. I love watching shows on the Food Network.

So there you are, some of the things you didn't know about me (well if we really aren't that close). 

Go out and have fun! Make a list of the things people really don't know about you. You'll be surprised of the things you'll be listing! (I was..:) )

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HK Disneyland Audition

Hey there, Fashionistas!
I just wanna share my audition experience for Hong Kong Disneyland. Well, I wasn't able to make it to round 2 because of my lack of experience and I'm still young, you know..:)
I just auditioned just to feel how it's like to wreck my nerves.hahaha

The audition took place in Steps Dance Studio, Makati City around 10am.

This already gave me chills..:)
There really was a lot of aspiring singers that day. I mean look at that line!:)
My audition pieces..
Well, I made a few friends that day while waiting.. This is Janine.
Can you see the nervous soul in my smile?hahaha
I'm sorry for not posting my outfit that day. I wasn't able to ask my boyfriend to take a picture of me.:)

That audition taught me a lot of things.
  • You can't always get what you want
  • You have to fail sometimes
  • Accept your fate
  • There's always a "Next Time"
  • Keep your chin up

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