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This was the outfit I chose to wear at the Lenovo Lauch and Forever 21 Fashion Show (Previously posted).
I was a few minutes late because I came there from school (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) and that was like a million kilometers away from SM Mall of Asia. Well, I still managed to arrive there before the show had started.

I chose to wear this because it's very age appropriate and it suited my mood that day which was "I'm Ready". Well, also, it's okay to be worn in school if you're so fed up with wearing your boring uniform. Peace!:) You know, actually, I wore my top backwards (accidentally because I was already very late for school). But still, it's not that obvious. It actually gave the top a whole new feel.:)))

(Forever 21, Greenhills, Avon, and So Fab)

Eyeliner and a Pink Lipstick will do the trick for that tired face.:)

Black and Gold for simple Elegance

In everywhere you go, be sure to always look like a lady and not a girl or an old woman. Remember, class is in all of us. We just have to know how to wear it and show it even in the simplest clothes we have. It's not always about the brand but it's about how we carry the brand.:)

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