4 Simple Yet Helpful Travel Tips for the Busy You

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Hi! How are you all? I know it's been a while since I talked to you guys. I've been very busy these past few months building my new career and entering graduate school to pursue higher education. Well, I'm back and I'm alive! :)

Before transferring to a new company, I went everywhere. I mean I traveled here and there to unwind, discover and, rediscover things that I know will help me focus on my next chapter in life. In this post, I went on a road trip to Tagaytay with my significant other and his cousins.  Ghad! I missed this place. Well, the time wasn't that long since my last visit but I just missed the view, the greenery, the food, and the a-bit-long drive (because of traffic). Who wouldn't want a day like that?!
So here are some tips for those road trip outfits..

1. Always go for Comfy clothes.
You'll never know where your feet will take you so you gotta be prepared for up and down adventures. Bring a card igan or something to shield you from the cold and changing weather.

2. Bring a Handy yet Fashionable bag.
Choose a bag that you can take anywhere, put all your necessary stuff, and still look fab bringing it. I went for the Parisian's black leather bag because I think it goes well with any outfit. Don't you think?

3. Sunnies
Your sunnies will protect your beautiful eyes from the harsh sun rays. Also, it hides those baggies under your eyes. :)

4. Light Makeup
You don't have to wear a ton of makeup, ladies. Just fill your brows, curl your lashes, put some lippie, and you're good to go! Don't forget the powder.

There you have it. Clean, fresh, and comfy feel for your next travel and road trip. Have fun!

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22 Fun Facts About ME

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Photographed by Reena Shane Villa

                    HELLO! I'm now officially 22 and I guess I'm happy?haha Silly me. Well, what should I share to you today? As a tribute to my 22nd Birthday, I'm going to share to you 22 Fun Facts about ME.

1.       My Birthday is on March 4.

2.       I’ve been in Fairview for as long as I can remember.

3.       I stopped using ketchup in all I eat when I was 20, I think.

4.       I love to sing.

5.       I love the sky, the stars, the moon, the sun, the clouds, meteors, planets, everything about the universe! I would almost cry whenever I look at them

6.       I am a Soprano 1.

7.       I studied in one private school from nursery until I graduated from high school.

8.       I love to join all the contests in our school. Declamation, oratorical, storytelling, pageants, songwriting, volleyball varsity team, anything about art, dancing, singing, etc. A LOT, I know.

9.       It really was a total shock for me when I transferred to a State U.

10.   I finished Bachelor of Arts in English.

11.   I am a PUPian.

12.   I passed UPCAT but I was too afraid to study there.

13.   I know I’m crazy for not going to UP.

14.   I want to become a lawyer someday.

15.   My first choice course in the schools I applied college for is Political Science. My second choice is either Economics or English.

16.   I always wanted to become a theater actress.

17.   I auditioned for HK Disneyland theater actress when I was 19. I almost got through but the “judge” said that I was too young to live in Hong Kong by myself. So that’s that.

18.   I love all the songs in Les Miserables.

19.   I am already taken and proud.

20.   I own about more or less 40 pairs of shoes. 2/3 of them are Sky High Heels.

21.   I am nice. All you have to do is to just talk to me or approach me. I won’t bite.

22.   I am young, wild, and free!

                    By the way, I love the color of my top. It's so cool-feeling and it makes my skin even brighter. You should also try hues of this color and see how it goes on you. Another is my lippie from Kiss Proof. I just Love how it pairs up to my outfit and how it pops out! And we shall never forget the shoes. You know what I mean. :)
I just love this look. It speaks out grown up but still playful at 22.

I hope you learned something about me. I've already stated 22 Facts about myself so I guess those summed up pretty much who I am and what I do.

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What's It Like To Be Not-so Alone On Vday

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Before anything else, Happy Valentine's Day! ♥
It's that time of the year again where couples are allowed to cuddle in public, show a ton of PDA, and practically do everything sweet for their significant other. Ugghhh. Now I'm gonna share to you my Vday story/thoughts this 2016 (I guess my first entry for the year will be full of emotions? hahaha)
Okay, so to start and to make all things clear, I'm not single. I'm already taken by a man of great value. Meaning, he is everything to me (so cheesy, I know).
He completes me with his smile when he looks at me for a while.
He completes me everyday with all the words he says.
He completes me because he's nice and when he talks to me sweetly, I somehow turn into ice.
I know, I somehow made a short poem right there. The big question is, why is that the title of my entry? Hmmmm... It's simple. It's because I pretty am celebrating THE Day far from my man. Yah, so childish of me to whine about it but it's Valentines and I kinda have the right to be sad being alone today. :)
So what is it like to be not-so alone today?
1. I have a lot of time for myself.
          Because I don't have someone to share it with besides a few people here.
2. I could eat what I want.
          Since I don't have to go on a date, I could eat anything I want or not to eat anything at all. Just to give you an info, I only ate half a bowl of champorado for lunch and chocolate cupcake and white coffee for snacks. Yah, all sweet because it's Vday.
3. I have the license to make HUGOTs.
          I was in date with my bestie last night. She was already single (I'm sorry for bringing that up again. hahaha) and I was going off from work so we decided to go on a late night pre-Valentine date. She was laughing and laughing and taking Snapchat videos of me because almost all the things coming out of my mouth were Hugots. What can I do? I'm just full of it. hahaha
4. I could go anywhere I want.
          From home to office and home again. hahaha
Well, I'll just watch Harry Potter movies later!
5. I don't have to dress up.
          Yesterday and today, I noticed that a lot of people were so dressed up and manhandling bouquets and things wrapped in cute-sy parchments. Of course, because they're going on a fancy or simple walk in the park date. And there I was, so casual and laid back looking. At least I didn't wear black. Still a Vday color. :)
Noticed anything on the things I mentioned above? The word I.
Being not-so alone or basically a no-date person on Vday includes a lot of I(s). It s*cks to say a lot of I(s). I think it would have been better if they were WE(s).
 Honestly, it was a bit hard for me to be alone today because of all the couples I see celebrating together. I didn't have the chance to do all those stuff I said above with my man (Vday this year). Maybe it would have been a great day. A memorable and sweet day. But you know what? This Vday today is also remarkable to me because not only it's our first Vday apart from each other but it's also our first Vday in an LDR situation. I learned a lot and discovered a few things about me and our relationship. You can't have everything you want when you want it. You also have to deal with things differently from time to time. Come on, grow up! Growing up comes with developing and developing comes maturity. I'm pretty sure we'll be together next month because I will be disturbing and annoying him in their province. :)
So that's it. I hope you enjoyed, a bit, and were able to relate to my Vday encounter. And I sure am happy for all of you spending this year's Day of the Hearts!
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