When Boredom Strikes

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          Everyone of us  gets so bored that we really don't what to do anymore. There are those times when we just stare at the ceiling and the walls of our house, thinking of something awesome. Sometimes, you just sit around all day, scrolling up and down, reading statuses and tweets, checking on someone's pictures (maybe your crush or that fancy outfit you want to buy), or maybe re-reading your favorite novel for the nth time. Relate? Yah, I do know how you feel. That feeling of looking forward for the weekend after a long week of school and work and then you'll just end up being stuck in the house in front of the television, wifi on, and your smart phone in the palm of your hands. I really described it too much?hahaha
Well, I just found the perfect solution for those boredom issues!
           Get up, text your friends, take a bath, put on a cute outfit, and head over to the mall.
Malls and shopping are an instant boredom killer! All you need is energy, few bucks, food, and Starbucks!

Share your boredom issues below and how you cured them!
I'd be very happy to read all about them!:)



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Post VDay Date Outfit Idea

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Photographed by Jan Michael Baay

          For those who haven't yet done their VDay date due to busy scheds, this outfit is your go-to, hassle-free outfit!

If you know me well, you know that I love and adore Pink so much. So I cherry-picked this look for those Post Valentines Day dates.
It's comfy, chic, stylish, and simple. All in one! You don't need any fancy styling or any expensive clothing. But this outfit is just for those casual dates like going out for a picnic, a movie, a stroll in the park, lunch out or maybe a casual dinner date.

It's not too much but your guy will totally melt when he sees you wearing your favorite color in which you know how to wear it instead of it wearing you. Plus, you'll bloom!



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Share your thoughts and other Valentines tips below!
I'd be very happy to read them and answer them all!:)

Caught the Bouquet Twice

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Photographed by Sabrina Villa

          Weddings always bring tears to my eyes. I don't know. I just feel the intensity of the emotions in the air and I feel like being drowned with love and ecstasy! Too much for a description? Nah..haha
Every girl always dreams of her wedding. Whether it be the traditional one, garden wedding, wedding by the beach or something adventurous, you name it! Some girls even have the year of their special day, the venue, the gown designer, the caterer, etc. Sounds like I'm describing myself, eh?haha
But whatever it is, you just gotta find The One who'll share every moment, every dream, every heartache, and every victory with you.

          So why am I talking about weddings? I'm not getting married yet, okay.:) I've attended 2 weddings at a row. Nothing so different... Oh! I caught the bouquet twice! Everyone was teasing me that I would be the next to be wed because catching the bouquet means I'd be the next bride. OMG. It's not that I don't wanna get married. It's just that I'm not yet ready.hahaha
But it was a great experience. I just wish that on the wedding of my choirmate, I won't catch or get it again.:)

Share your wedding thoughts or feel free to ask any questions below. I'd be very happy to answer them all!



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Forever Young

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          In a few months, I'll be graduating (hopefully) from college and enter the, what others say, Real World. Yah, it might seem that it's not so much of a big deal but it is to me.
Actually, I've been offered several jobs now from different companies and all I have to do is to pick and sign the contract. Some of my classmates already signed but I didn't. I dunno, I think I'm still not ready to bind myself and my loyalty yet. I still want to enjoy my youth, my time, my status, and everything.

Well, I believe that even though I'm already a working lass, I will stay FOREVER YOUNG.
It's so happy to always feel young. I'm still young, though. You wanna know the things I love about being Young?

* The Energy
          We have all the energy in the world!

* Colorful Clothes
          Because I'm a not-so-much fan of dull and boring ones.

* Time
          Your schedule is in your hands.

* Talent
          You can show the world more of what you can do.

* Freedom
          Need I say more?:)

I hope you can also list things you love about being FOREVER YOUNG.



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