Caught the Bouquet Twice

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Photographed by Sabrina Villa

          Weddings always bring tears to my eyes. I don't know. I just feel the intensity of the emotions in the air and I feel like being drowned with love and ecstasy! Too much for a description? Nah..haha
Every girl always dreams of her wedding. Whether it be the traditional one, garden wedding, wedding by the beach or something adventurous, you name it! Some girls even have the year of their special day, the venue, the gown designer, the caterer, etc. Sounds like I'm describing myself, eh?haha
But whatever it is, you just gotta find The One who'll share every moment, every dream, every heartache, and every victory with you.

          So why am I talking about weddings? I'm not getting married yet, okay.:) I've attended 2 weddings at a row. Nothing so different... Oh! I caught the bouquet twice! Everyone was teasing me that I would be the next to be wed because catching the bouquet means I'd be the next bride. OMG. It's not that I don't wanna get married. It's just that I'm not yet ready.hahaha
But it was a great experience. I just wish that on the wedding of my choirmate, I won't catch or get it again.:)

Share your wedding thoughts or feel free to ask any questions below. I'd be very happy to answer them all!



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