Post VDay Date Outfit Idea

(Gap, Forever 21, Cotton On, SM Accessories, Parisian, So Fab)
Photographed by Jan Michael Baay

          For those who haven't yet done their VDay date due to busy scheds, this outfit is your go-to, hassle-free outfit!

If you know me well, you know that I love and adore Pink so much. So I cherry-picked this look for those Post Valentines Day dates.
It's comfy, chic, stylish, and simple. All in one! You don't need any fancy styling or any expensive clothing. But this outfit is just for those casual dates like going out for a picnic, a movie, a stroll in the park, lunch out or maybe a casual dinner date.

It's not too much but your guy will totally melt when he sees you wearing your favorite color in which you know how to wear it instead of it wearing you. Plus, you'll bloom!



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  1. Hi, you look nice. Mind if i ask where's the location you shoot this? The place looks quiet. I like the place. Looks a condo apartment type.

    1. You got that right! It's at my friend's condo.:)