Forever Young

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          In a few months, I'll be graduating (hopefully) from college and enter the, what others say, Real World. Yah, it might seem that it's not so much of a big deal but it is to me.
Actually, I've been offered several jobs now from different companies and all I have to do is to pick and sign the contract. Some of my classmates already signed but I didn't. I dunno, I think I'm still not ready to bind myself and my loyalty yet. I still want to enjoy my youth, my time, my status, and everything.

Well, I believe that even though I'm already a working lass, I will stay FOREVER YOUNG.
It's so happy to always feel young. I'm still young, though. You wanna know the things I love about being Young?

* The Energy
          We have all the energy in the world!

* Colorful Clothes
          Because I'm a not-so-much fan of dull and boring ones.

* Time
          Your schedule is in your hands.

* Talent
          You can show the world more of what you can do.

* Freedom
          Need I say more?:)

I hope you can also list things you love about being FOREVER YOUNG.



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