(Top from Sabella, Shoes from So Fab, Bag from CMG, Accessories from SM Accessories)
Photographed by Christelle Ira Inocencio

          Hello! How's your weekend? Well, mine was pretty tiring but very memorable. As we all know, Pope Francis had his Apostolic and State Visit here in the Philippines. Our country was chosen t be his final visit(not forever) in Asia because we are the largest Catholic country in Asia. How awesome is that, huh?
My family and I were very much excited to see him so we watched every activity he did from his arrival in Villamor Air Base until he went home for Rome.
I cried by the moment the camera was focused on the airplane window when it touched down and I was very much awed when he finally went out the door and waved his hand to all. It was all mixed emotions so I told myself that before he leaves the country, I should see him in person.
Sunday came and my choirmates and I head on to UST, University of Santo Tomas, at 2am to attend the Youth Encounter with the Pope. I can't really express how tired we were. Just imagine this. Literally no sleep, hungry, rain-soaked, in line for hours, an amlost stampede to the entrance, and UFCed by the crowd. But you know, all those disappeared when the Pope finally made his way in front of me, waved his hand, showed his infectious smile, and blessed us.
Even though he only looked at us for seconds, it felt like forever and I saw Christ in him.

          It's very overwhelming to see him not just through the TV or the internet but in person. Ughhh.. It's a very hair-raising experience to be a part of his day.
This outfit is inspired by the experience I had. It\s almost all white and clean to the eyes. Like my experience, it was not easy but it is clean and pure for my heart.

"The Filipino Faith is Waterproof!"



Discover the Inner White in You
God Bless, Fashionistas!

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