2015 Bucket List

(Top from Korea, Shorts from Next Jeans, Shoes from Japan)

          Hey, I'm back from outer space! Yah, I know I've been away for almost a month and I'm very sorry for that.

In this post, I'll be telling you my Bucket List for 2015.

* Travel with my honey..alone.
          I just want to travel away from the harsh and cruel city life (not that cruel) and it's more special if I get to share it with the one I love.\

* Zipline!!!
          I know it's a bit scary but I do want to try it so bad!

* Dive and explore the underwater life
          It's nice to swim and pretend to be Ariel for a while. My dream. Actually, every Disney baby's dream! Admit it!

* Buy more SHOES!
          My family and friends really hate it "sometimes" whenever I buy shoes almost every month. One time, I bought shoes every week! I think that was last year. I sometimes secretly sneak the shoes to my room because when my mom sees it, you'll know what will happen. What can I do, I just love shoes!!!

* Visit Luneta Park
          Yah, I know I'm not a true Filipino yet for not being able to visit Luneta Park. I don't know. I just don't have the time or the chance to go there.:)

* Learn how to bake
          I'm good in cooking but not much in baking. I know how to bake proteins and pastas but not cakes, cookies and the lot.

* Be SEXY.
          Nothing much to say.:)



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