What To Do On The First Date

(Dress from my choirmate, Shoes: a gift from my boyfriend, Bag from a Christmas bazaar, Earrings from Avon)
Photographed by Christelle Ira Inocencio

        We all had that one memorable day. It sure is one of the most unforgettable day in our lives. Well it may be memorable in a good manner or the opposite. Either way, we still think of it sometimes. In this blog post, I'll be sharing to you my own tips on What To Do On The First Date.

1. Be Inspired
     Inspiration has many names. You better choose yours correctly because it'll reflect on you physically. Go for happy inspirations.

2. Be Beautiful
     Of course, you'd want to impress your date. Go for a fresh look like the outfit above. It's not too much and too simple. You don't need that heavy foundation you've been using for almost everyday. (Tip: Don't use too much foundation if you're only off to the office or the mall or you'll like a mannequin. Seriously!) A pink lipstick is enough.

3. Be Simple
     Don't be over dressed or worse, under dressed. Remember: Simplicity is Beauty but don't ever look like a Dummy. you really don't need to wear all your expensive clothes and accessories. Wearing them will just intimidate your date.

4. Be Late
     It's okay to be late for a few minutes. Let him arrive there first and wait for you. But please don't let him wait forever. Aim for the Fashionably Late kind of late.

5. Just Be Yourself and Don't Forget To Smile
     Flatter him with your humor and your killer smile. Nothing melts him more than taking a glimpse and giving him a smile. Don't be someone you're not. It's better that he knows you for who you are.

6. Be Ready
     Well, this is just a bonus. Just be ready for whatever awkwardness that might happen. Like, spilling your drink, laughing too loud, or tripping on the freaking street. If these happen to you, remember to recover with grace, poise, and finesse.

I hope I have equipped you with the bullets. It's your turn now to face the day and make it a success!



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