Let It Go, Let It Go! The Famous Frozen Characters: Queen Elsa

                    Everyone is still in love with the greatest animated movie of 2013, FROZEN.
Hang over here, hang over there, hang over everywhere! This movie captured the hearts of many because of its amazing visual effects and good story line. Frozen told us that True Love's the only way to thaw a frozen heart. Well, we all thought that it's still the typical "girl meets boy, fell in love and they all lived happily ever after" story. This movie told us that sisterly love could be another act of True Love.

With that great story and unexpected twists, I got inspired. So inspired that it made me go back and love drawing again.

In the next blog entries, I will show you how I drew the 3 most famous Frozen characters and I'll also give you some pieces of advice on how to draw them. Enjoy!

I first drew Queen Elsa for she was the most famous of the three which I'm going to draw.

To draw the eyes, I first sketched thin lines then put her pupils, eye lashes and light shadows for her eye shadow just so I had a guide. Elsa's got strong eyes and stare so don't forget to make it that way.

When you're done with the eyes, add the brows.
Outline or sketch a thin line of brows for guidance. You can do it a bit realistic by doing light strokes from the bottom up and then top top bottom of your outline.
In this step, you can also sketch the shape of her hair and face.

This is what it'll look like.

 To put body on her hair, draw strands of lines following the shape of the sketch you made for her hair. With this, you can see the style and the direction of her weaves. 

Add the ice flower accessories on her hair and the beaded details on her dress.
(Tip: Always make sure that your pencil is sharp for fine or small details.)

Busy busy busy...

Put definition on her eyes by darkening her eye shadow and eye lashes. Soften the inner parts by smudging the dark outer parts with your finger. This will create the effect of having smokey eyes.

For the lipstick, just repeat the step above with the eyes.

This is the finished product!
Queen Elsa of Arendelle

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