Showin' Some LOVE

It sure was a sweet and colorful day!

Yes, the Day of the Hearts is one of the most awaited day of the year (taken or not taken, I think.). This day showcases a lot of sweet gestures from lovers, admirers, friends and families. Heart's Day or famously known as Valentine's Day is a day to show love to those you truly treasure. In this day, roads are covered with cars, streets are occupied with teddy bear vendors, and parks are full of couples with roses on their hands. Well, I'm not much for being cheesy but I had a date that day so I've decided to look simple yet lovable on that day.

              My boyfriend and I had lunch at SM North EDSA. Honestly, I wasn't expecting heavy traffic that morning on my way to the mall. But surprisingly, the roads going to the  mall were completely full of cars and another thing that surprised me is that the mall is already full of people. It was morning and the mall just opened! Well, I guess it really was because of Valentine's Day. After our lunch, we walked on the Sky Garden and enjoyed our time.

These triangles were pretty cute and I had fun in them.:)

Step out and enjoy the Sun's Love!


As you can see, I didn't go for the formal or itchy Sunday clothes for Valentine's Day. I wore clothes that looked great on me and would enhance the honey glow on my cheeks.

There's always something good in the city life!

Blushing with this sweet act of love...

     My top was a white sheer sleeveless blouse that went well with my aztec-print shorts.

The cup has got my name on it... What a beautiful name.:)

I wore gold earrings and my heart bracelet and I paired them with my glittery gold and nude flats to keep me comfortable yet stylish as we roamed around the mall.

         The wall paintings around the Sky Dome was also amusing. It added a huge happy factor and a colorful, bright sight on that special day. Also, I remembered my high school best friend's paintings and drawings when I saw them.

Color your day with a smile and a splash of art!

Close your eyes and feel love in the air...

Before I forget, that cute thing hanging on my shoulder is my boyfriend's gift to me last Christmas. It was exactly what I wanted and it was the perfect color for the day!

A good dose of coffee with a rose on the side.

 Coz we're the PERFECT TWO.

Who wouldn't fall with that sweet smile?

No day would be complete without a good dose of Starbucks and sweet scent of deep red rose from the guy up there.:)

You know, Valentine's Day is just like any other day. Yah, we should express love everyday but the Heart's Day requires extra love and affection. More love, more fun and it will add more years to your life!:)
I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day with or without a date because it really isn't about the amount of roses and chocolates you've eaten. It's all about the love and appreciation you've received from everyone!

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