Back To Basics with Khloe Kardashian Inspired Look

(So Fab, Folded & Hung, SM Accessories)
Photographed by Christelle Inocencio

        Have you ever felt so tired about something? It's like you don't even want to hear any word about it? Well, I have. I won't mention it in here because it would be very mean. I just want to vent out the exhaustion and the frustration. So in this post, I chose to wear the basics of fashion for it contrasts what I feel right now.

        As all we know, the basics of fashion are the typical white top and denims. Well, I wanted to turn it up a notch by adding accessories from SM Accessories and these bandage metal heels from So Fab!
Actually, this style was inspired by the ever Fabulous, Khloe Kardashian!
Here's where I got it!

If you know me well, you definitely know that I'm a Kardashian lover so I really do follow their style always!

        So fashion is how I escape the stressful realm of school (now there's your clue).

Now, how does your style icon inspire you look? Check their style and try to find things that would look something like 'em. With that, you'll feel more Fabulous like them!

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