The Little Black Dress

          What's even more classic than the Little Black Dress? It has been a staple in fashion and it is believed that every woman should at least own one. Women have been told that the LBD is the essential, one that will take you practically anywhere. Well, who's the person behind the dress? A little bit of fashion history for you.

        Coco Chanel made the LBD a widespread phenomena in 1920. According to Chanel, she wanted the dress to be versatile, long-lasting, affordable and accessible to the widest market possible. So when American Vogue published a Chanel design, Vogue proved its success. It was simple yet elegant sheath, in black crepe de Chine, with long, narrow sleeves, and worn with a string of white pearls ( Justine Picardine). Since then, every woman wanted to grab a hold of the famous dress. Now, innovative designs are coming out but its true elegance and sophistication will remain untouched.

          I just so happen to own one which I found at an annual Christmas Bazaar.  Yah, I know it's been months but it's never too late to wear it! I accessorized my LBD with pearls because you can never go wrong with pearls. As what my grade 6 teacher once told me, a simple black dress could be SOMETHING when it's been partnered with pearls and red lips.
And this post, I would like to show you two ways on how to wear it in a formal event or a night out with your girls. It's all about the hair!

Just put your hair in a loose bun.

Let those locks move freely!

(Parisian, SM Accessories, Avon Pearls)
Photographed by Christelle Ira Inocencio

How would you style your own LBD? I hope you'd have fun in your mix-n-match!



Discover the Inner Fab in You in your Little Black Dress!

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