It's A Girl Thing

(Shopaholic from SM Department Store, SM Accessories, Forever 21, Shoes from Japan)
Photographed by Christelle Ira Inocencio

          Hi, everyone! I'm sorry (again) to have kept you all waiting for so long. I was too busy with a lot of school work. If I may mention it, thesis, dramatics club, conducting auditions for singing, rehearsals for events, final requirements, research, and Thesis. Wooh! That was tiring. So moving on..:)

          We all experience this problem (woman or man), clothes. Sometimes, when we tend to be very busy with work or school, we don't have the time to buy clothes for specific events like parties, lunch with friends, and night outs.
Well, it's not a crime to repeat clothes. if you've read my previous posts (First Day of My Last Day In College and Thesis Class-y Day) you can see this top paired with blue jeans and this skirt paired with striped top. Well now, as you can see, when put together, you can now create another cute outfit. All you have to do is to find the perfect pair of shoes and accessorize it with elegant bracelets, in this case, I chose to wear gold accessories from SM.

          Now, you'll have the confidence of wearing your fave clothes over again. Just be creative, lovies!



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