Zark's Burgers Experience

It was our 54th Monthsary of love.
It was also a very rainy and windy afternoon last Saturday.
But that didn't stop us from satisfying our cravings and food adventure.

We planned this foodie trip weeks ago. It's just that we had no time to go go and visit the place.
Finally, our sched wasn't too tight so we had the chance to grease it all up!

So welcome to the Burger Fanatics' Version of Heaven!
The restaurant's vibe is very appetizing. I mean once you get inside, you'll really feel the hunger you've been wanting to resolve. Everyone's served with great food and having really big pastries stuffed with awesome goodness in their hands. The walls of the place are adorned with basketball things (see pictures above). There are rubber shoes, posters, and jerseys of famous NBA players. Also, there's a DLSU basketball jersey and more DLSU players' pictures hanged (which I failed to take a picture of).
The place is always packed with hungry vikings. Kidding! But kidding aside, it really is always full. See those people outside? They're not bystanders. They are actually people waiting for their turn to sit inside and enjoy the juicy greatness the place has to offer. Food Network hosts always say, "If the resto has a good long waiting line, you know they're serving great food." That explains the line. But you can call them and have a reservation so waiting won't be a major headache.

So here's the death book..I mean the menu!hahaha
As you can see, there's a wide variety of sandwiches, chick n chips, buffalo wings, sweets, and drinks.
From the single patty to the crazy bacon wrap burger (with the caption "EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK!") to the sweet and savory Krispy Kreme burger to the bone-breaking JawBreaker and to the Death Defying TombStone..
Everything is worth the calorie and cholesterol!hahaha

Watching UAAP basketball game while waiting in vain.:)))
Shove it all down with bottomless drinks
I do believe it's still hearty. It has lettuce and tomato for crying out loud!hahaha
BBQ Buffalo Wings
Feast your eyes for Zark's Ultimate Burger with hand-cut potato fries on the side
Hungry for love.:)
The aftermath.
Your Motto after eating one.

There you have it!
I'm preeeeeeeetty sure you're drooling now..hahaha
So wipe those off, put on your pants and head over to the nearest Zark's Burgers!
Grab one of these babies and you sure are in for one heck of an adventure!

Zark's Burgers Branches

Taft (In front of La Salle Taft)
BF Homes



Discover the Inner Burger Fab in YOU!

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