Cool In School

Bored at school? Well, I was. So I thought of turning things around and dress up. Another reason for my dressing up was because it was our 46th monthsary with my man.
     I decided to be simple yet fashionable for school.

     The floral top worked best with the brown pants and black flats. This look was not just fashionable but it's also comfy for school.

     I also braided my hair for an added soft touch for my look. Well, you can't always have one style for your hair. You need to play with it and find what works best with your style for the day.

     How do you look when going to school or work? Feel free to share it with me and everyone else!
And always remember to Be Fab in anywhere you go 'coz you'll never know who you'll bump into. It may be your old friend, frienemy, or your soulmate!:)
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      Be Fab, Ladies!

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