New Hair, New Me!

     I naturally have wavy hair since I was little.
       I always have a hard time with it 'coz it would have its own life and just fly anywhere. So I've decided to resolve the problem and find a solution.

     I had my hair rebonded and it felt great!
First, the guy/gal washed my hair then put the treatment on my hair.

 The treatment used on my hair was herbal so it really didn't hurt my scalp unlike the previous treatment I had which gave a burning feeling on my head.

My hair was in it for an hour then after washing it, it was dried and ironed.

 After that, the hair color was put. I chose Intense Golden Blonde for my hair so that it'll pop up anywhere I go.
My hair was soaked in it for like 45-50 minutes to ensure maximum color.

My hair was washed, blow dried and flat ironed after that. The whole process took 5 hours.  Yah, I know it was long and tiring but it surely was worth the wait!

The final look will be featured on my next entry so watch out for it!

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