That Yellow Thing I Call Love

        My Saturday at school was full of colors. After a successful Public Communication presentation, it was time for a break and a Time for Fashion.

        I'm wearing Parisian Yellow pumps which I bought last Christmas break. It was really LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I was with my sister when I saw them and I told my sister that this is the one.

       I paired my shoes with a colorful striped top and a black fitted skirt. I chose to wear bright yellow shoes just so my outfit won't look too formal or too corporate. By doing this, you'd be younger and happy looking!

       The red wall also made everything pop up! I just said that for an added spice.

        So how would you wear and pair your bright colored shoes? Tell me about it by taking a photo, put a comment, or tag me on IG! @sharieemariee
Enjoy and thank you for visiting!:)

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