Welcome The Year With Style

        2013 has been a wonderful year for me. It brought me good luck in all my endeavors. My studies were at their best; Dean's List, President's List and a Debater. 2013 also gave me the opportunity to shine more in my singing. I was invited to be a part of Globe Voices at Work, Globe Telecom's official chorale group. That privilege opened avenues to even greater opportunities for me in the future.

Voices In Harmony 3

       Those were only some highlights of where 2013 situated me. But all these, I wouldn't have done it without style.
My first entry for this year would be about welcoming the year with style.

       In the past few years, I've been passive in my sense of style. If I'd be going out with a few friends, I'd just open the closet, put on some decent clothes and look normal. Well, maybe I was like that before 'cause of my very young age.

I will be turning 20 this year so I want to turn the notch and set the bar higher. 

As long as you can carry, Sophistication can be shown anywhere.

 I believe that this year will open more doors of greater and bolder opportunities for me so I choose to Welcome The Year With Style.

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