Philippine Fashion Week's SM Woman Runway Reveal

All the designs on the runway were displayed and ready for shopping!

        One of the most awaited fashion events of the year has finally started. My cousin/sister from another/TWIN and I were invited to attend and witness this year's SM Woman's new collection. In this fashion show, all of their newest clothes and designs were revealed and opened for your shopping galore. Everybody was excited to see what SM Woman has to offer their fashionista customers. The show was a variety of mix and match of colors, prints, and fabrics. I loved how they paired the clothes and made new fashion statements.

Yah, she's just jealous.hahahahaha

Well, as you can see, I was accompanied by my cousin and my honey. I know, were a bit crazy in these photos but that's just who we are and were not afraid to show that even in a place like this.:)
I feel awed. It's really amazing when the one you love is always with you and supports you in all your endeavors.:)

Catch my next blog entry where I'll reveal the brands I'm wearing. I can just say that tonight, I am an SM Woman.

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