Color Blocking: Pink and Blue

Lovin' my sunnies from F21

(Forever 21, Parisian, SM Accessories)
Photographed by Jarwyn Gabana

          Color Blocking is getting famous in the fashion world. Well for starters, Color Blocking is pairing 2 or more contrasting colors and turning them into something wonderful and worthy for the eyes.

For this look, I choose to pair pink and blue with my yellow pumps. It's like femininity and masculinity meets candy.:)
These colors are still perfect for the summer because they're bright, fresh, and YOUNG for the eyes.

Tips for a simple Color Blocking Outfit.

..Choose colors that'll still look well together.
..Choose colors that'll suite your skin color. (Please)
..Wear it. Don't let it Wear you.

Parisian Pumps
Crazy pimple ruining it all!:)))

So try it yourself! Mix and Match the colors of summer. Have fun, smile, and above all, BE CONFIDENT.
Never try too hard for something, okay?:)

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