Elegance is Attitude

I love my silver and gold accessories!
Work with the wind.

(Top from Xara, SM Accessories)
Photographed by Jan Michael Baay

          I know what you're thinking.. "At last! She's found time to post a new outfit and update her bog!" My apologies. School is really driving me crazy for over a month now. Requirements here, exams there, and paper works everywhere!!! It really is stressful but you just gotta do it, right?
Well luckily, the first semester is about to come to a great and grand halt. I do wish it ends tomorrow.hahaha

          This outfit is another version on how to style your Basics (White top and jeans). My white top is from Xara. I love everything about it! The color (so pure), the gold buttons (royalty), the fabrication (soft), and the overall look. Head over to the nearest Xara store and see a wide array of choices. The denim high-waist shorts, a gift from my equally fab cousin, add an edge to the look. Its silver embellishments give it a not-so ragged look even with the ripped parts. Of course, to add more spice to it, I choose to wear silver and gold accessories. I love how the entire look glued themselves together to create an outfit fit for any social occasion.
Remember, Elegance is Attitude.



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