The Fault In Our Stars

An excerpt from the book

(Forever 21 Dress and Belt, Parisian Pumps)
Photographed by my nephew, Sean Rafael A. Villa

The book everyone (?) is talking about.. The Fault In Our Stars!
Okay, so I just gotta tell you my thoughts about the book. Obviously, it's written by John Green whom I think is a genius. He captures the hearts and souls of millions with this one of a kind book. It's not your typical goo-goo eyes, kissy kiss love story. It's a story of two people experiencing pain's toughness and life's unexpectedly expected truth. Well, I really don't want to tell the whole story here because I'd spoil other people's reading. If you don't plan to read the book, then you miss half of your life's purpose! I want to excite you and motivate you to read the book. Look what it did to me! I actually bought that Forever 21 dress as stated in the book!!! That's how addicting and inspiring the plot is.

I haven't watched the movie yet because I don't want to ruin my TFIOS experience just yet. I'm still collecting feedback from my friends whether the movie is as good as the book.

So go out and get a copy of the book and see what it can do to change your view of Love that will overcome all obstacles.
Don't just read it.
Embrace it.

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