s-TEAL the Spotlight! Makeup Tutorial

Wanna have this look in an easy way? Just follow the steps below and achieve this eye makeup to sTEAL the Spotlight!

All you need:
. Eyelid Primer
. Foundation
. Powder
. Eyeshadow (Black, Brown, Natural, and Teal)
. Waterproof eyeliner
. Waterproof mascara

(Mac Cosmetics, Elf Cosmetics, EB, Nichido)

Put foundation, powder, and primer on lids then add the Natural color all over it.

 On the side of your eyes, put the Brown eyeshadow outside and form a curve. (This will warm up the look)
 Apply the Teal eyeshadow repeatedly until you achieve the desired shade.

 Apply Black eyeshadow on the outer side of your eyes, almost halfway, and up to the crease of your eyes.

Apply eyeliner. Go as thick as you want!:) Just make sure that their even and with a perfect wing!
Add mascara if desired.

See? I told you it's easy! Just make sure you use safe and tested makeup products. All you have to do is to be creative and positive that you can do it! Smize your way up to sTeal the Spotlight because you know you deserve it!:) Wear it with a smile, Fashionistas!

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