First Day of my Last Year in College

Summer's over, School starts!

Top from Shopaholic, Flats from Parisian, Bag from Secosana, Watch from Caite, and Earrings and Nail polish from Forever 21
Photographed by Mr. Jan Michael Baay

Yesterday was the first day of my last year in College. By the way, I'm taking up Bachelor of Arts Major in English at Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Manila. It was Monday so I expected heavy traffic, everyone would be outside, cranky people because of the weather and thousands of students in school. Everything I expected were right! The roads are covered with countless vehicles filled with commuters from all walks of life.
It took me almost 2 hours to reach PUP (it's normal) and when I got there, ABS-CBN and GMA were there covering the first day of classes. PUP grounds were covered with students from freshmen to seniors! I really can't describe the sight!!!!
Well, enough with that. My first day was a bit tiring, boring but happy because I saw my classmates again after 2 months.
Since it was the first day of my last year in college, I decided to wear something cool and cute. Something that would stand up.

Windy day..

I matched blue with orange just to emphasize both colors. I didn't want to have too much blue or too much orange. That would be a total eye sore. I want my first day to be fun and colorful not dull or too simple like white and jeans so I let the Inner Fab in me take control and voila!

School doesn't have to be plain and dragging. I know it's gonna be a bit different now because of thesis defense which means sleepless nights, eye bags, haggard faces, hot heads, and dying wallets. But you know, it's actually gonna be fun if you'd look at it on the bright side. Just think that in a couple of months, we'll be walking the streets of Makati or Taguig or anywhere in a concrete jungle, sipping coffee, waiting for your pay, and thinking of how to spend it with ones you love.
Enjoy every single moment of college and make it like your high school days, you'll miss every bit of it.:)

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