Back to School Thoughts

(SM Accessories, Dress from Korea, Parisian Pumps)
Photographed by Jarwyn Gabana

Okay.. So I'll be back to school in 3 days and I still don't know what to wear for the first day. But it's not the topic of this entry. I'll blog about it to let you know how I dressed for my first day of mt last year in college (hopefully if I won't take my Masteral after graduation). Actually, I still can't believe that in 8-9 months, I'll be out of school, free from countless researches, handouts, homeworks, surprise quizzes, sleepless thesis nights, classroom drama, and unexpected recitations. Well, they're all part of the Student meets reality of school life. But honestly, I am excited (really?) to come to school after 2 months of vacation, fashion events, pictorials, skin burning activities, and tons of food trips with my honey.

Do you know what I like about school? School gives you the chance to know more about the things you already know and you thought you already know. School teaches you to be more independent (although sometimes, you copy your friend's assignment  because you forgot to do yours. Guilty? I know I am!hahahaha). Well now, do you know what I like about college? Aside from the extra freedom, you get to meet new friends and people who are very different from one another yet you still manage to stick together because somehow, you've change each others minds to blend in with yours which is actually cool.

Just a few more months and all my hardwork will pay off. I know that all the achievements, medals, trophies, and awards are just consolation prizes in my 17 years of education but I'll surely make my family more proud in the years to come!

I'll be back inside the classroom, sitting with my friends, reading and writing and listening more about English and the Philippine Constitution, and the most important of all, I'll get to enjoy every single moment (victory or defeat) of my last year in college.

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