Thesis Class-y Day

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Photographed by Mr. Rolando Garcia

          So after a couple of weeks, my blog is up and running again! I'm sorry for keeping y'all waiting and settling for other blogs to read. We just moved in to our new house which means that the internet connection and everything had to wait for days. And, I got very busy at school but now, everything's back to normal.:)

This entry is about my first weeks in school. Well, it has been good but not very good. Ups and downs arrived already but you know, it's part of school and it's part of life. I've been busy doing some major editing for our thesis, attended seniors' orientation for our new curriculum and studying and working around Asia for our senior year.
I've decided to wear this colorful and playful outfit for our 4 hours of Thesis class. It's a bit up the top for school (I think) but you know, it's always best to stand out, feel great and look great for just about anything.:) By the way, the cute pouch's a gift from my honey!

If your school doesn't really require you to wear uniform, go and explore your closet! You'll never know what treasure you'll see in there!

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