Rebel Chic

(Forever 21 Crop Top, BNY Shorts, PCT Shoes, Forever 21 Accessories, Prada Inspired Sunnies)

          I know you don't usually see me dressed like a rebel chic or wearing a lot of black, or something like this. My reason is that like some of us, I dress according to what I feel like wearing on that particular day or event. If it's just a regular school day, I wear comfy clothes but still a bit school worthy (I don't wear my school uniform BTW.hahaha). When going to the mall or a lunch out with my friends, I go for what I wanna wear. Stylish, cute, fresh, young, and colorful clothes. But when it comes to occasions, events, and significant human experiences, I plan ahead because I don't want to look over or under dressed. No one wants that, right?

This outfit is a bit inspired by Black Widow from The Avengers. She's an assassin but still soft inside. She's a bit of a rebel but she's beautiful. I admire her so much because of her attitude and her overall look!

          So just put on whatever your heart speaks out but remember to ask your brain if it is appropriate and tour eyes if it looks great.

Who's your character inspiration today? Tell me about it below and I'd love to read 'em!



Discover the Inner Rebel Chic in You! 

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