My 2015 Summer List

(Top from Shopaholic, Shorts from Next, Flats from So Fab, Bag from Jovanni, Watch from Tomato, and Sunnies from Forever 21)

          The temperature has pumped up really quick so you already know what that means. SUMMER is upon us! But for us graduating students, we can't really enjoy the sun right now for we still have a lot of requirements to accomplish. Nah, enough with that. I don't wanna be talking about stress right now. :)

So what are your plans this summer? Swimming? Finishing that book? Hiking? Sports maybe? Or just the classic overnights with your BFFs and cousins? Well, I've listed my top plans for my SUMMER 2015.

1. Swimming
          Of course, what kind of person wouldn't include swimming in their list, right? Because of the  heat and everything, you'd just want to soak yourself in the water.

2. Movie Marathons

3. Overnight stays

4. Travel

5. Go get a career and a job!
          Need I say more? I don't want to be a burden of the society for long!hahahaha

I just love how this outfit screams SUMMER in a quiet way. So vibrant, fresh and young! Perf for the park, the mall, lunch outs, dates, family getaways, and just about everything! It's not an outfit fit for only one occasion. Flexible and oh so chic and cute!

So, what are your initial summer plans? List them down now and fulfill each one before the season ends!
Share your thoughts below and I'd be very happy to read them all!



Discover the Inner Fab In You This Summer!

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